What We Do

Our vision is to improve their financial status in order to make them self-sustainable.

We are connecting all the entities of SHG ecosystem through our platform in order to provide necessary help needed by SHG.

We try to address the pain points of SHG with the help of their organizations and Enablers/Co-Ordinator’s.

How We Do

We have developed a Performance Tracking System for SHG which will help Enablers to keep track of SHG activities and provide them with required information about skill trainings, exhibitions, government schemes, government tenders along with raise their concerns to Organization.

We are also generating Demands from market for SHG Products along with capturing feedbacks and Recommendations for SHG.

With the help of Performance Tracking System, SHG can be tracked for what they need? How can they get it? What is their financial status? What problems they are facing? Along with their all analytics and historical data.

This system helps organization to keep track of their SHG and make them self-sustainable and indirectly it helps them to keep track of their expenditures on SHG.

Our Achievements

  • SHGs
  • SHG Women
  • Customer
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Organization