With love,Spices

Imagine when your passion for cooking meets the perfect set of rich authentic home-made spices, it creates an holistic experience of cherishing food bit by bit.Vijay & Shobha Sonawane are one such couple who are strivingto acheive this with thier love for making home-made spices

Their passion & conviction for what they do is reflected in their story below

Belonging from Nashik, a very confident & self-motivatedShobha received her training from Khadigram Udyog. Started o in 2011,with a very minimal capital investment, shealong with her husband used to sell packets of 100gms of spicesfrom door to door. They also set up their stall in dierent exhibitionswith the help of Khadigram.

Their daily struggles did not stop them, they were eager to providevaluable information to the others in the same business to help themgrow.

What makes their spices so special?

Both of them are very precise in what they do & how they do. The Indian chulha is what they use to add the essence/flavour to theirspices, its what makes their spices authentic. It is believed that spicesroasted on the chulha retain their originality, and it is this skillthat they have mastered to perfection.